Hi! I'm Claire.

i think we're gonna get along juuuuust fine


I'm a lot of things: an engineer, a wife, a coffee-drinker, a radio lover, frequent dancer, and entire person in my own right. When I plan sessions, I dream about what I'll shoot, and when I'm editing photos, I forget to eat. I have a cat, a kid, a husband, and too many books checked out from the library. Someone told me once to "take my foot off the gas" and since I still think about it years later, it's given me plenty of fuel for the journey. I grew up in Oklahoma and got to Texas as fast as I could. I want to take your picture.

Human photographer for human photography

Why a human photographer?

Okay, okay, you've got me. It's a little tongue in cheek--I have a habit of referring to people as "humans", and I've always liked that it sounds a little observational, a little like I'm an alien observing, a little funky. The more I thought about it though, the more it stuck, and the more it fit.

It's my mission to tell your story—your uniquely human story. I get equally giddy about newborn sessions as I do weddings, or family pictures in the park, because there is so much richness of life in those moments. I love my job because it's about giving space for families, couples, kids, siblings, to be exactly who they are, no more, and no less.

what's it like working with you?

Chaotic + joyful + distinctly human

You can expect a few things from me during our sessions:

  • ground rules and expectations set up front, so that you feel comfortable and confident in what you're doing in front of the camera (spoiler: my first ground rule is to have nothing in your pockets. My second ground rule is to love on each other as much as you possibly can. My third ground rule is a secret that you'll just have to book with me to find out!)
  • a lot of laughter--I aim to make my sessions just as fun as a day at the park, date night, or lazy Saturday morning might be.
  • poses and prompts that provide clear, intentional direction to bring out natural smiles and laughs
  • a roll-with-the-chaos approach that's seen and photographed everything from kids taking off into a bluebonnet field, random rainstorms, and little ones who need a moment, all the way to finding new locations on the spot and roaming peacocks.