In Home Sessions | Why?

SCENE: Texas. Summer. It's too hot and it's not even July.

Gather round, everyone, and come hear the tale of in home sessions: what they are, why I love 'em, and five tips on how to make your in-home session successful.

What are in home sessions?

In-home sessions are, well, they're in your home! Rather than loading up and meeting your photographer at a specific location, they'll meet you at your home (be it a house, an apartment, or your van-camper) and use your usual setting to document your family's life. They're particularly great for newborn sessions, since leaving the house with a days or weeks old babe can feel daunting at best, especially if the birthing parent is still healing. Nurseries are great settings for these sessions--even if (as many new parents figure out) you're not actually in the nursery all that frequently with the baby.

That said, in home sessions can also be great for couples without little ones (or if those little ones are furry friends), and families with kids who are well past the baby stage. Doing an activity together, like making breakfast, reading together, or even folding laundry, can help make your session feel even more personalized to your family.

Why do I love in home sessions?

An easier question might be why *don't* I love in-home sessions. Number one? The stress is almost non-existent. In-home sessions let you eliminate all of the travel crazy--getting everyone in the car, finding parking, making sure you're in the right place, having backup outfits... Who needs to pack a backup outfit when you've got everything you need at home? It has the capacity to be a much more relaxed experience than even a normal daily outing. Older kid needs a bathroom break? No problem. Have two outfits that you couldn't quite decide between? Let's pick together!

Number two: in-home sessions feel more personal from the get-go, because you're in your space. My favorite way to make photo sessions as fun and enjoyable as they can be is choosing spaces where you are already comfortable.

Number three--having professional photos in your space lets you remember this season of life, exactly as it was, regardless of where you might find yourself later. If you move in the future, or even if you're like my in-laws and you're in the same house for decades while your kiddos grow up, having a snapshot of life as it is right now to look back on is a sweet way to honor the season you're in right now.

Five Tips for Successful In Home Sessions

1 | Plan your 'fit

Think about everybody's outfits ahead of time! I always say to shop your closet first. In home sessions are super flexible, and you can go for a cozy vibe or a more dressed up one, whatever suits your family. If you have a couple choices and are booking with me, feel free to text me with options, I love being able to work with you to decide what will photograph best!

2 | Think about spaces

In an in-home session, your whole space is fair game if you'd like it to be. A newborn shoot can be done perfectly in just a nursery, or you can add in your bedroom or kitchen, wherever you spend time as a family. Everyone piling on the couch makes for great family sessions, and backyards can be perfect for kids, dogs, and couples alike. Oh, and don't worry too much about lighting! Even the dimmest, darkest homes can work great. Having in mind what you want ahead of time will help the day go smooth.

3 | Let A little bit loose

This is especially for sessions with kids! Go ahead and let your kids clamber on the bed. While I'm there, try your best to let go of anything but the present moment and have fun with your kids. I'm a mom--I know how easy it is to get caught up in thinking about how much needs to be done, or how little sleep we got last night. Let me give you the gift of an hour of not worrying about it, and just enjoy that your kids are having a blast.

4 | Roll with the punches Emotions

Kids are little humans with big feelings. If anything gets to be too much for them, or they get upset, it's okay. I am always happy to give a kid the time and space they need to regulate during a session. Some of the most precious pictures are of a parent comforting their kiddo in a quiet moment. During that time, I can always get detail shots (baby shoes, hospital bands, artwork, anything!) or shots of other kiddos or parents alone too, so there's no time wasted.

5 | Indulge in affection

This is the real secret sauce, here, people. I will gently pose you through our sessions (not too much--just enough to make sure you look and feel your best), but the more affection you have with each other, the more authentic your photos will feel to you. Kiss your partner. Pick your kids up and make them giggle the way only you know how. Take the moment and let yourself remember how much had to go right for you to get where you are today.