photos that look the way you felt

minus the nerves and sweat

let's talk

work with someone who's as excited about your love story as you

it's me, hi, i'm the someone, it's me

let's talk

the freedom to be fully present in your moment

with the confidence that I'm capturing it all from behind a bush

let's talk

you and me, sunday driving

I wanna hear it all. Tell me about how you met. Was it on Tinder? I love it. How was your first date? Are you high-school sweethearts? Meet later in life? Who hogs the covers? Do you slow dance in your kitchen or climb trees together? Let's pack all of this goodness into a session that celebrates the two of you for you who you are together.

Proposals, engagements, anniversaries. The weirder, goofier, and affectionate-r the better, as far as I'm concerned.

I take a highly limited number of weddings per year. It's in part because weekends with my family are a big fat priority for me--but mostly, it's because I believe my wedding clients should feel that I'm a perfect match for what they're looking for in their day.

I'm looking for my Bride-chillas. The partners who are going to laugh-cry through their vows. The pair that knows things won't go exactly to plan, AND that it'll still be perfect.

If you just said "oh damn, that's me!"--let's talk.