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Real Life Family Sessions

If you've got four kids or one four-legged one, if they're brand new or just brand new to this stage of life (hello to those on the toddler roller-coaster and those getting ready to send their babies out into the world), a real-life session is the perfect way to capture the joy / chaos / sweetness of the season you're in.

You might notice, while you're trying to find the right photographer fit for your family, that you see the word "lifestyle" a lot. It's a great word for staying broad, photographically speaking, but for me, it's got filtered, instagram-perfection overtones that I'm just not about. Real life sessions capture, yes, the photo where everyone's smiling at the camera, but also the goofy face your kid makes when they crack a joke, and the laughter and love in your partner's eyes when they look at you.

Wait, pause. Real life?

Real Life sessions are...

Low Stress

Can I let you in on a secret? The beauty of a real-life session is in the imperfection of it all. I'm here to guide you through the things that sprinkle a little extra magic on the day (like what to wear and when the light's exactly perfect) and I get to know your family beforehand through a questionnaire so we can hit the ground running. Aside from that? Anything that happens is perfection enough.

Wherever Home Is

Real-life sessions are infinitely customizable to you and your family, which means your session will capture the essence of the season of life you're in right now. Maybe it's baking tiny pies together, maybe your kids are blossoming finger paint artists, or love taking morning walks (or wanders) through the park nearby. Whatever and wherever it is, it's uniquely yours and your family's, and it deserves to be documented.

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